MasterChef Spain

For two years I lived with my aunt and uncle in Caracas ago, my uncle Lucho is Spanish, Gallego; and my aunt Luisa Venezolana. They have 25 years of marriage, a unique couple but very funny. Living with them was very quiet. First they touched their move to the Pent House while you redecorate new apartment, but then my parents sold the apartment and touched us accommodate in a new restored apartment but not finalized. Anyway, we had  no kitchen and cook told us, we gradually adapting ourselves in this adventure but what if we had was that immense smart TV to see all channels. My uncle as all Galician can’t stop watching another channel than that of Spanish TV. That is why we always looked the same channel again and again, until he started this new program called MasterCherf. This is a cooking competition with 12 participants that episode to episode has to stand out with their knowledge acquired during the program and develop the best combinations of dishes for a very demanding jury, and if you aren’t up will be eliminated. Tuesday now I haven’t stopped seeing any season any episode is why my Tuesdays are now MasterChef Spain.

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